A legend in the field of animation, Doug Wildey actually had a much longer career in comics that spanned five decades.

      I could see that the dealer had two neat piles of art with the welcome sign of "25% off" sitting on top. Sensing a deal, I quickly began sorting through the first pile of large-size art. Page after page of beautifully rendered figures and exquisite inks filled every panel. The second pile was newer, modern-size art, obviously by the same talented artist. Several of the splash pages had his unmistakable block-letters-in-a-rounded-rectangle signature. I excitedly began setting aside several pages to purchase. Nearby, going through another box of art, was another, somewhat younger, collector I knew. I nudged him with my elbow and whispered conspiratorially, "Look at the prices on these Doug Wildey pages!" He looked down at the pile nearest to him and flipped over a few pages. Then he looked up at me with a shrug and a shake of his head, "Who's Doug Wildey?"

by Ken Quattro

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