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     If you are a professional artist looking for an online presence for your work or perhaps you have your own site and want another venue in which to display your art, then read on...


      As a service to professional comic artists and illustrators, Comicartville is offering FREE webspace on our site. This will consist of a page devoted to you and your work. Along with a short bio, the page will feature approximently fifteen examples of your artwork (of your choosing) which will be displayed in thumbnail form and linked to a larger image. If you are accepting commission work or have original art for sale, you may mention that on the page as well. We will also provide your email address and/or your website URL address if you have one. The only restriction that we require is that all art you choose to display is suitable for a general audience since our site may have young viewers.

     If you are interested in displaying your artwork on our site or have any questions, please contact us at:

     This service is open only to verifiably published professional artists, due to the time required in building the page. There is no charge for this service and no obligation to Comicartville or myself.

- Ken Quattro